Waist Whittling Workout Routine. 15 Minutes to a Sculpted Stomach

Work your entire core and whittle your Waist with this ab exercise routine for a sculpted stomach.

Waist Whittling Workout Routine. 15 Minutes to a Sculpted Stomach
Waist Whittling Workout Routine. 15 Minutes to a Sculpted Stomach

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Hi Friends!

Clients often ask me how to get a slimmer Waist and a more defined stomach. To get six pack abs or a smaller Waist there really is no secret, extreme quick fix, or fancy treatment. It all comes down to a clean diet, consistent fitness routine, strength training, and living a stress free lifestyle. However, the right exercises and workouts can absolutely help you see better body results and a smaller Waist. Define your waistline with this strengthening routine that gives your obliques some love. These moves hit all of your major muscle groups with extra emphasis on your obliques to “whittle your middle”. Move from one exercise to the next without resting for a feel good Waist Workout routine that will leave you smiling.  In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be on your way to defining your Waist. Hungry for more? Repeat the video for round two! But just be prepared to be sore in your core 😉 All you need to get started is a positive attitude and a mat. Ready to go? Lets get sculpted and sweaty! Press play now.

Waist Whittling Workout Routine. 15 Minutes to a Sculpted Stomach

You didn’t even know 15 minutes could feel so good did you? Remember: a little bit of positive movement goes a long way in helping you feel your best inside and out. I’m proud of you for taking time for yourself and strengthening your stomach! How do you feel after that Waist workout? Let me know if you liked the routine in the comments below. Want more or have a specific request for a video? I’m always game to film something especially for you.

Thank you for sharing such an uplifting workout with me! My Waist feels happy and I can’t wait to see you for another great video on Youtube soon.

Till next time, keep smiling,


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3 Replies to “Waist Whittling Workout Routine. 15 Minutes to a Sculpted Stomach”

  1. Caroline, you are so encouraging! Smiling is advanced but you make it more attainable with your excellent positive commentary. The Can Can Kicks WERE fun!! floor dancing…
    I am so glad you said we are welcome to come as we are and invited to “move towards being better everyday in a way that feels right for (me)”… you DO make me feel welcome no matter where I am on my fitness journey. =D thanks for the great video. Looking forward to hearing all about your six week Strong Body Beautiful program.

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