Year of the BOOTY. The Best Songs About Buns, Hun.

As some of you know, Ive been having quite a BOOTYlicious year.

My purpose is to help people live FEEL good lives they love, inside and out. This year, I’ve been working to host monthly fitness events to create a new kind of “night on the town” experience to help active, social people connect with each other and achieve personal fitness goals together.

These events are inspired by doing the things I love — connecting with friends and sharing a night out. My goal is to create unique programs that can fit into participants busy lives so that they can be challenged, rewarded, educated, entertained, pampered, and most importantly, connected, to experience what they enjoy most — fitness and friends.

The most popular events I’ve hosted have been my “BOOTYcamp” series, a butt centric workout class and healthy hour in a nightclub. A big highlight from these special BOOTYcamp fitness events is the music. Because as you probably already know, I love a good beat that makes you want to drop it down low and shake it 😉

Ive been getting ready to host a Birthday BOOTYcamp to celebrate my 31st birthday and have been bumpin the squat motivation music to prep. It gets me energized and excited for a great night out.  I’d love to invite you to join me for a birthday BOOTY party!

RSVP and register to celebrate with me here: 

Until we meet September 29th, here are a few of my favorite songs about the butt so you can get ready to shake it fast, watch yoself, and show me what you’re workin wit at BOOTYcamp.

Caroline’s BOOTYcamp Music Mix

Dont forget to RSVP! Join me to “drop it like a squat” at my Birthday BOOTYcamp this September 29th, 2016 at City Nights Club. Space is limited. Grab a friend, register now, and lets squat the night away together. 


Whats your favorite song to squat to? Let me know what music you love to listen to when you drop it low by leaving me a comment below. 

I hope to celebrate my 31st Birthday BOOTY with you! Till then, keep your squats low and your standards high my friends.

Some BOOTY loves you,


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