Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class

chair cardio for fat loss

Burn calories and boost your metabolism with this Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class! This routine will move your body, work your muscles, and help you feel incredible.

chair cardio for fat loss

Hi my friend,

How are you feeling today? Its a great day for a workout and I have a special fitness video that will help you feel amazing…. and you dont even need to stand!

Did you know that you can get a great calorie burning chair workout sitting down? It’s true! Chair Cardio Workout routines are the latest health trend. You can workout at home and get amazing physical results all from the comfort of your seat. Ready to try it for yourself? Sit and get fit with this heart pumping no-impact chair workout video for total fitness results.

Chair workouts are perfect if you have an injury, disability, limited mobility, or are just looking for a little exercise variety. Getting fit from a chair is low impact and appropriate for all ages.

Get ready to jack, punch, twist, and kick your way to a stronger self in this Chair Cardio for fat loss workout. Using moves designed to improve your posture, core strength, cardiovascular fitness and functional flexibility, this no-impact video offers an effective way to exercise sitting down. In just 20 minutes, you will challenge your heart, shape defined muscles, burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get a satisfying workout. Here are the moves you’ll do in this Chair Cardio for Fat Loss class:

Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class Exercises

  • Seated march
  • Seated Torso twist
  • Seated punch forward
  • Seated situps
  • Jumping Rope Knees
  • Cross Knee Crunch with Elbow Tap
  • Chair Jumping Jack
  • Oblique Crunch
  • Chair side Body Reach And Stretch
  • Seated Row and march
  • Seated punch and kick
  • Seated punch with back row with jack legs
  • Seated upper cut with torso twist
  • Concert Wave Arms with March
  • Row the Boat seated twist
  • Side knee with Arm Side
  • Cross punch
  • Chair Running

This chair cardio for fat loss workout  video is guaranteed to exercise your entire body and leave you feeling amazing. Ready to get sweaty? Grab a sturdy chair, press play on the video below, and join me!

*Remember to be sure to get your doctor and/or physical therapists’ clearance first before trying this or any exercise routine. Always to listen to your body during the workout and modify or skip any movements that don’t work for you.*

Chair Cardio for Fat Loss: Seated No Impact Fitness Class Video

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Remember no matter what, every day life gives you a chance to kick butt. Love sweating with you, keep up the good work!

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