No Impact Workout. 35 Minute Floor Fitness Routine.

No impact workouts are a great way to get fit without placing any pressure on your joints. If you are recovering from an injury, dealing with limited mobility, or just need a good cross training activity, this no impact floor  fitness routine is the perfect way to get moving!

no impact workout

Youtube subscriber reviews of my No Impact & Floor workouts

I am a seasoned exerciser with multiple injuries, slipped, disc, arthritic knee, cancer survivor, and recent colon-rectal surgery. I am always in search of low impact effective exercise. This fit the bill! I modified some of the moves, and it was great. Count yourself another subscriber :)” – Amy F

“I just found this playlist and I want to cry I’m so grateful. I’ve been non weight bearing on both ankles and in a wheelchair for 2 months now (with one more month to go) and I’m so excited to try these workouts. THANK YOU THANK YOU”  – Miss L 

“I am in love with this type of workout! Caroline, you make each day during the course of my recovery worth it. I know that when I am done with your workouts that I will feel better about my recovery and bye bye to depression and anxiety over how long its going to take to get back to myself again. Thank you so much for creating this series. God bless you!” – Lisa S

“Your channel popped up on my recommended videos yesterday…wish it had been sooner! I don’t necessarily have a foot injury but my knees are wonky from years of running so I found this knee friendly too! Thanh you Caroline, I look forward to checking out more of your YouTube videos.” – Vicky C 

Hi my friend!

Ready to get your year off to a strong start?! Its time for another no impact floor fitness workout! No impact floor workouts have been some of the most popular video routines on my Youtube channel. I love hearing positive comments from subscribers (you can read some of them above). It’s always nice to know that the work you create can help others. Im constantly brainstorming content to create that can give people health, positivity, and strength.

Our world is full of extremes, super hard “push yourself to the max” programs, and quick fixes. There is so much out there that makes you feel bad about your body and yourself. I am here with something different. I offer safe, effective workouts that you CAN do to stay active, be balanced, and live well. It makes me sad that our culture is inundated with negative messages that you “have to” exercise to lose weight, look younger, or be “perfect”. The negative consequences of these media messages are HURTING our health. I have a different message to share: YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT and exercise doesn’t need to feel like punishment or be about always bending over backwards to fit a certain number. Instead exercise can be about LIVING BETTER, FEELING BETTER, and BEING WELL.

There comes a point when your body wants a BREAK from all the pushing, hard workouts, and “not good enough” thoughts.

If you and your body need that break, I am here to give you a way to stay active and love your workouts. I provide exercise routines that challenge you in a healthy way and help you feel good about yourself so you can live your best life. This no impact floor workout is a way to be fit and nice to your body while doing it. I hope you enjoy this no impact routine and it is a video you return to again to feel amazing.

No Impact Workout. 35 Minute Floor Fitness Routine.

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Thanks for another feel good fitness video friends! I cant wait to share another workout on the channel with you again soon.


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2 Replies to “No Impact Workout. 35 Minute Floor Fitness Routine.”

  1. I really enjoy the workouts you post and particularly enjoy doing them with you. You have the BEST attitude. Although I am recovering from ankle surgery (that’s how I found you in the first place) I’m at the point that I feel I need to incorporate some more traditional weight workouts. I’m not self-motivated on my own so if I have a virtual “class” to follow I will do it. Do you have, or have you considered doing other types of workouts that are still low to no impact? Considering signing up for coaching but really like to follow along with workouts vs. just having a plan. Thoughts?

    How are you enjoying living in San Diego?

    1. Hi Lauren! Im so happy you commented and thank you so much for your kind words. Congratulations on healing from ankle surgery – that is NO small feat and you should be proud of yourself! I honestly feel the strong body program would be very helpful for you. Its not a “follow along” workout videos – but a full program that teaches you how to move well and build a foundation of strength using weights. Its perfect for recovering from injury and I know you love the videos but I also want to encourage you to branch out. Videos don’t teach you what learning how to strength train on your own can. They are different – but trust me in the program I am right by your side in your ear cheering you on. Many of the Strong Body members were very similar to you before they started – didn’t want to do something that wasn’t a traditional follow along workout video and then…. after they joined they were so glad. They have used and reused the program several times for positive results. I think you’ll enjoy it and its a one time investment that you can use for the rest of your life. 

      The other alternative is one-on-one virtual coaching where I can lead you through a weight workout customized to your specific needs. We can hang out and I can help you individually (which would be incredibly beneficial and impactful – plus Id love to work with you). You can learn more about virtual coaching here .

      I hope to help you reach your goals in one way or the other! Please let me know if you have any further questions and hope to see you for a workout soon <3

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