Ballet Feet Exercises. Build Better Feet, Posture, and Balance.

Ballet Feet Exercises
Ballet Feet Exercises

Ballet Feet Exercises

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Hi Friends!

I’m excited to share some fun Ballet Feet Exercises with you! You might already know, I grew up dancing ballet. I started at age 3 and trained with the Royal Academy of Ballet School until age 18. My dance training was rigorous with class every day and rehearsals on the weekends. There were exams every year, where we wore black leotards with pink tights and performed to graduate up a level in front of a strict British Ballet mistress. During the summer I would attend dance camps and intensives, where I’d meet new friends and work on new techniques. My childhood room walls were plastered with photos of prima ballerinas and I’d watch dance videos to get inspired by their incredible skills. My world revolved around ballet and and Nutcrackers. I loved everything about Ballet: the discipline, grace, dedication, passion, expression, and art of it.

After graduating from highschool, I attended college at UCDavis, where I majored in Dance and continued to pursue my passion for movement. In college I branched out  into Jazz, Hip hop, Modern (I loved Paul Taylor technique). It was so much fun. To graduate with your Bachelors in Dance, I had one year to choreograph a thesis piece from start to finish. I auditioned dancers, designed the set, planned the lighting, sourced the music, and put together a concept for a piece that had meaning to me. What was my graduating thesis piece  about? The power and strength of the feminine. My piece was choreographed around the beauty of being a woman and each move honored the incredible and divine dimensions of the feminine. It was called, “Inherently Devine” and it is something I am so proud to have created in my life.

My life has since moved on from dance, but my heart will always be with it. You know what they say: you can take a dancer out of the dance, but you can never take the dance out of the dancer. My ballet roots come with me everywhere and have shaped me into the woman I am today.

These Ballet feet and barre exercises are the same moves we did daily in class to prepare our body for dance. We would start our day with these exercises to warm up the feet and spine for movement.  A few months ago I had a craving to return to my Ballet roots and get back into the dance training that I did growing up. But when I was looking on Youtube to find a good ballet class warm up video I couldn’t find one! So I decided that it needed to be created, filmed, and shared so that others could benefit from Ballet Feet Exercises. Performing these exercises feels so good! And helps the body stay mobile, graceful, and strong.

This Ballet Feet exercise video will help you build strong feet, better posture, and balance. In this free Ballet class inspired video, I will guide you through a sequence of Ballet Feet warm up exercises. These dance training moves are often used as a warm up before ballet class to prepare the body for movement. With these ballet feet exercises you will work your toes, arches, feet, ankles, legs, hips, butt, core, and spine. This video routine will help you improve your posture to feel taller, longer, and beautiful like a ballerina! Ready to get started? Put your hair in a Ballet bun and press play now!

Ballet Feet Exercises
Ballet Feet Exercises

This Ballet Feet Exercises and Posture video is super unique and different – I want to hear what you think! Do you like it? How does your body feel? Do you want more?! Let me know in the comments below. I hope these Ballet Feet Exercises help you in feeling your very best.

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Here’s to you and keeping your wrists happy and healthy for life.


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