Butt Exercises For Bad Knees Exercise Routine (SO Good!)

butt exercises bad knees

Knee pain can be frustrating. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t target certain areas such as your glutes. There’s a number of butt exercises that work your backside without putting strain on your knees. They just require some thinking beyond the typical squat. The knee is the largest joint in the body and one of the most vulnerable to injury. This makes maintaining proper form and technique during any exercise crucial to knee health. Optimal form and function of the entire body is required for knee function to remain at is most pain free place.

Even if your knees are A-OK, these alternative glute moves are great for switching up your go-to routine. (Because doing the exact same moves every time is fine, but you’ll see even more results with a little exercise variation.)

How it works: Do each move for the number of reps indicated and then repeat the video one to two times. As we move together Ill be providing modifications and form tips. (Want to get your upper body involved too? Try this arm circuit workout next.) Here are the moves we have planned together:

Butt exercises for bad knees exercises:

  • point touch
  • single leg deadlift
  • superman
  • hip bridge
  • single leg hip bridge
  • clam shell
  • frog pulses
  • frog pumps

Ready to get started? Roll out your mat, lace up your tennis shoes, and lets do this!

Butt exercises for bad knees video

Dont let the frustration of bad knees keep you from working your butt! These glute exercises should take the strain off your body and help you develop muscle in the places you NEED it for pain relief. Did you try this video? Let me know in the comments here.

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I hope you enjoy this butt exercises for bad knees routine and that it helps keep you and your knees PAIN free!


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