Chair Workout Video. Sit & Get Fit In 20 Minutes With This Chair Cardio Exercise Routine

Chair Workout Video. Sit & Get Fit in 20 Minutes with this free routine designed to strengthen your heart and tone your muscles.

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Did you know that you can get a great calorie burning chair workout sitting down? It’s true! Chair Workout routines are the latest health trend. You can workout at home and get amazing physical results without even having to stand up! Ready to try it for yourself? Sit and get fit with this heart pumping low-impact chair workout video for total fitness results.

Chair workouts are perfect if you have an injury, disability, limited mobility, or are just looking for a little exercise variety. Getting fit from a chair is low impact and appropriate for all ages.

Get ready to jack, punch, twist, and kick your way to a stronger self in this “Sit & Get Fit” Chair workout. Using moves designed to improve your posture, core strength, cardiovascular fitness and functional flexibility, this no-impact video offers an effective way to exercise sitting down. You dont even need a whole hour to do it! In just 20 minutes, you will challenge your heart, shape defined muscles, and get a satisfying workout. This chair workout exercise video is guaranteed to work your entire body and leave you feeling amazing. Ready to get sweaty? Grab a sturdy chair and join me!

*Remember to be sure to get your doctor and/or physical therapists’ clearance first before trying this or any exercise routine. Always to listen to your body during the workout and modify or skip any movements that don’t work for you.*

Chair Workout Video. Get Fit In 20 Minutes!

I hope this chair workout video helped show you that you don’t need expensive exercise equipment or a fancy gym to get in shape. All you need to get moving towards your fitness goals is YOU! You can do anything you set your mind to. Believe in yourself and your abilities to get moving, be fit, and feel your best.Keep up the great work, I am cheering for you!

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Thanks for an awesome chair workout my friend! I cant wait to see you for another uplifting fitness session soon.

Love and endorphins,


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3 Replies to “Chair Workout Video. Sit & Get Fit In 20 Minutes With This Chair Cardio Exercise Routine”

  1. I SO appreciate these chair workouts! I am a daily exerciser and had foot surgery 10 days ago. I have been doing the Chair exercises (with one foot!) and it has helped me so much! Thanks for your positivity and encouragement! The surgery was much harder than I anticipated, so your enthusiasm really helps me!!! Thanks so much!

    1. Im happy you like them Kelly!! How is your healing going? Coming back takes a long time – but you’ll get there! If you like the chair cardio workouts, you’ll LOVE my full program to help you stay fit + heal faster – have you checked it out yet? ?? JOIN US! It would be so fun to get to know you more and coach you <3

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