Red, White, and Burpee. The Perfect Workout for Fourth Of July Weekend

Red, White, and Burpee!

Red, White, and Burpee!

The Perfect Workout for Fourth Of July Weekend

I can’t believe how quick time goes by!  Crazy to think that this weekend is already Fourth of July when I feel like just a second ago we were celebrating New Years! Vacation and summer travel plans don’t have to get in the way of you staying fit and feeling your best. In fact, time away can be the perfect opportunity to get creative with your workouts. If you are heading out of town this weekend and still want to get your fitness on without worry of finding a gym,  follow this bodyweight HIIT workout 5 x through!! You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to stay in great shape. All you need is you. 

4th of july workout

Red, White, and Burpee Workout

10 Jumping jacks

10 Pushups (modify on knees)

10 Plank Jacks (in plank positon, jack legs out and in)

10 Jump Squats (modify regular squats)

10 Burpees (modify step back and step up)

REST 15 seconds


Short, sweet, and will make you feel like fireworks. Leave me a comment below if you try this workout and let me know how you feel! Wishing you a happy fourth of july holiday friends. Know that I am grateful for you.

Love and light,


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