Sesamoid Injury Exercises (What to Do and Not to Do).

Sesamoid Injury Exercises

When trying to heal from a sesamoid injury there are many sesamoid injury exercises you should do and shouldn’t do. This video gives you my top 2 sesamoid injury exercises to do when healing to stay fit, stay positive, and recover faster.



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Sesamoid Injury Exercises (What to Do and Not to Do).

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There is so much you SHOULD do and so much you SHOULDNT do when trying to heal from a #sesamoidinjury . In this video, I share two of my favorite sesamoid injury exercises that can be done safely when healing to keep your body in good shape.

Disclaimer: This video does not replace medical advice. As always, check with your doctor before making any health changes. I hope this serves you in having healthy feet and living an active life.

Many people have never heard of a Sesamoid injury. I get confused faces more often than not, “What the heck are sesamoids?” they ask. That is one of the most challenging parts about the Sesamoid injury, people just WONT GET IT. It takes forever to heal and the process is slow. Unfortunately there is a LOT of misinformation out there on HOW to heal from a Sesamoid Injury. Sadly many doctors and podiatrists havent been able to help their patients.

It took me TWO YEARS and a lot of wasted money on doctors to finally get the RIGHT answers on HOW to heal from a sesamoid injury. I have successfully recovered from a Sesamoid Injury. Now I use my knowledge and expertise to coach other people through the process.

Coaching and helping others out of sesamoid injuries is my passion and purpose. I have found that there is SO much misinformation out there that delays many people from healing. Im confident that if you are struggling with a sesamoid injury, I can help guide you in a positive, healing direction. Without working with you individually and directly as your coach, I am unable to provide specific recommendations or advice. Plus, everybody’s body is so different, Id really have to work with you to get a sense of where you are now, what you’ve tried, your individual body mechanics / movement patterns, and lifestyle to really advise you further toward things that can help you If you are interested in exploring virtual injury recovery coaching, Id be delighted to work with you and I think 1-2 sessions would provide a lot of valuable insight on how to navigate mindfully forward and HEAL from a sesamoid injury.

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Since Sesamoid injures are so rare, I thought it would be helpful to explain it to you.

A sesamoid is a bone embedded in a tendon. In the normal foot, the sesamoids are two jelly bean-sized bones located in the ball of the foot, beneath the big toe joint. The sesamoids act as a pulley for tendons, their primary function is to help raise and lower the big toe with each step (allowing you to push off your foot when you walk, run, dance, or jump). Sesamoid injuries can involve the bones, tendons, and/or surrounding tissue in the joint. They are common with activities requiring increased pressure on the ball of the foot, like running, basketball, football, golf, tennis and ballet. People with high arches or flexible feet are at risk for developing sesamoid problems. High-heeled shoes can also be a contributing factor.

Sesamoid injuries cause PAIN at the BALL of the foot – when you bend the foot while walking. Healing from a sesamoid injury can take YEARS, especially without the right training and lifestyle adjustments. Help yourself heal faster from a sesamoid injury with injury recovery coaching. CLICK HERE to contact me for a session

With the right support you CAN heal from a sesamoid injury and get your life back on its feet. If you are trying to heal from a sesamoid injury, I want you to know you are NOT alone. Ive been there. YOU CAN HEAL. There are many challenges in the healing journey and a lot of obstacles you will have to overcome mentally and physically. But you CAN get through this. Ive done it and Ive helped others do it too. You can get to a place where you are not in pain and able to return to active living. Don’t give up. KEEP GOING. Stay strong. Breathe. Take it one day at a time. Please reach out for coaching support if you need help! I hope you know how much positive, healing energy I am sending to YOU.

Here to help you heal and get back on your feet,


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2 Replies to “Sesamoid Injury Exercises (What to Do and Not to Do).”

  1. Good morning
    I live in Ireland and have just come across your website. My daughter had a seismoid bone removed 20/2 and at the moment she is in post op recovery. She was a champion Irish dancer and in truth there is a question mark about her competing at this level again. Once the bandages are off etc she will return to physio. Your video looks very interesting. Other than following guidelines from physio and surgeon, and participating in programs like yours, is there anything else you would suggest please? She is very down with all of this.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Trish

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