Stability Ball Workout Advanced At Home Fitness Routine

stability ball workout

No gym? NO PROBLEM. The stability ball is one of the most versatile pieces of home exercise equipment that you can use to strengthen your entire body at home. You can get one on amazon HERE. Working out with a stability ball takes traditional home workouts to a whole new level. The ball stimulates the smaller, stability muscles, in addition to the muscles being used in the exercise. Using a stability ball helps to develop good overall muscle tone for your entire body, in addition to providing other benefits that range from rehabilitating back, hip, and knee injuries to delivering a powerful workout to improve core stability, posture, and muscle balance.

I wanted to film a Stability ball advanced home workout to show you some of my all time favorite exercises with the stability ball. If you are up for a good challenge, this at home stability ball workout will work your entire body and leave you feeling amazing.

But warning: this workout is ADVANCED! It includes some of the most challenging exercise ball moves to work your core, glutes, hamstrings, and upper body. If you are new to using a stability ball, you will want to slowly work your way up towards doing the entire video. Try a few exercises at a time and PRACTICE! Over time you WILL get stronger and soon you’ll be able to do the entire video without cracking a sweat. That’s the best part about exercise: if you keep consistent, you WILL see results and be stronger because of your practice!

Ready to get started! Order your stability ball on amazon here, roll out your exercise mat, grab a positive attitude, press play on the video below and lets DO this!

Stability Ball Workout At Home (ADVANCED!!) Video

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I have a BALL working out with you! Thanks for joining me for this fun at home strength session! I cant wait to share another uplifting workout with you again soon.

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