HIIT Workout / Chair Cardio Workout – Chair Exercises (Advanced). PLT Active Collaboration

Chair Cardio HIIT

Chair Cardio HIIT is an intense interval workout that you can do seated. This is an advanced cardio workout that doesn’t require standing up! If you are looking for a good sweat, then you’re in luck. Press play on this Chair Cardio HIIT workout video!

If there’s a type of workout that I get the most requests for from my Youtube Subscribers, it’s Chair Cardio HIIT.  Seated workouts that you can do from a chair or the couch are apparently hard to find and much appreciated (that last part doesn’t surprise me at all – when I was out of commission a few years ago with a Sesamoid injury, I would have given anything to get a good sweat.  Too bad I didn’t know about chair cardio hiit workouts back then!)

If you are recovering from an injury or just looking for a non-impact workout that gets you sweaty, this Chair Cardio HIIT workout video is just for you. You will move through a 5 minute warm up and then straight into hard seated intervals of 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest. You’ll move your whole body and get your heart pumping in this chair cardio HIIT routine!

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All you need to do this chair cardio HIIT workout is a chair, some water, and a positive attitude. Here are the exercises you’ll do in this fitness video:

Chair Cardio HIIT Workout. Advanced Seated Fitness Video Exercises

Warm-Up: 5 minutes

  • Side body reach
  • Back stroke
  • Arm Jumping jacks
  • Back flys
  • Knee in to chest
  • Deep Breaths

HIIT (40 seconds ON, 20 seconds rest)

  • Cross body kick and reach
  • Chair Jumping Jacks
  • Boxer punch
  • Chair running
  • Side body reach with leg
  • Soccer heel tap
  • punch forward and reach up
  • Chair jump rope
  • Chair knee tuck
  • Seated Ski Erg

Cool Down

As always make sure to check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and have FUN! Ready to get started? Press play and lets get moving!

Chair Cardio HIIT Workout. Advanced Seated Fitness Video

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Im still sweating from that awesome Chair Cardio HIIT session, are you? If you liked what you did and you are looking for even more amazing EXCLUSIVE non-weight bearing workouts, please join me over on my online coaching program HERE.

Great job! I cant wait to see you again soon on the channel for another incredible workout.


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